My name is Anthony Urbić, I was born in 1953. The first encounter with the "train" I had five years ago when my father brought from Switzerland Marklin train. Fascinated me as "trains" copies of real trains were traveling at the time and still operate (if not obsolete), and transporting goods and passengers around the world.


For many years should I just watch, and only later and cooperate. Thus began my love for "trains" and layout making. Later I was at home in the attic working through years and years of built in our circumstances a large Layout. Over time, the idea was born to create a new, even bigger model that would be available to visitors.


Great help in the start gave me Karlo Paladin, which is my idea, with a number of its amendments, passed in WINTRACK - the world's leading computer program for scheduling and seems tracks (tracks) on a model. 1 October 2011 Marin Benkus, Domagoj Terzić and I, we started working on the model, with great help Želimir Matočec and Ivan Žubrinić. Later we occasionally help Matija Bulat and Hrvoje Terzic. Important work was carried out by Peter Jirka from Vienna who has configured the program WIN-DIGIPET automatic drive trains.


It is anticipated that the scale model have: • 1000 meters stripes Marklin C-Gleis • 260 points and crossing • 100 traffic lights • 300 meters of road on which will drive models of road vehicles


Model of stretching: • an area of 50 square meters • 8 level • from 10 cm to 280 cm height On the model are: • Three shunting station (two at a height of 280 cm with 40 tracks, one at a height of 40 cm to 18 tracks) • Three train stations (one large 10-track, two less each with 4 tracks)


At each end of the model there is one helix • One with 7 levels and two tracks • second with 22 levels and two tracks • connect the range 60 to 280 cm • at each of five levels can be selected driving direction (up or down)   The lowest level (-10 cm) located in the floor under the glass so that visitors pass beneath the feet, and the highest four rail and connects helix with two shunting station.


For those who do not know, in railway modeling, helix is a circular spiral structure on which the rails placed in one or more rounds of 360 °, until it reaches the desired height. In this way, the small space, lines can be picked up at great height, which would require much more space.


Most models of road vehicles (cars, trucks, buses) are the principle Faller Car System, or digitally-controlled computer program WIN-DIGIPET. WIN-DIGIPET is the world's leading program management model railways, a program with a great tradition and developed by Dr. Peter Peterlin. Digital control for vehicle models DC-Car was developed by Claus Ilchmann, a company SD EDV - und Modelbauservice Siegmund Dankwardt supplied them.


DC Car System car models maintain the direction of travel by using magnetic vodiice that accompanies a wire embedded in the road. Drive model has a built-in electric powered mini-battery.The computer controls the car by: • infrared LEDs built-in models above or beside the road • infrared sensors and decoders in their own cars   Models of computers receive commands: • speed • stop • ignition Front and rear lights • brake lights • directionindicators(blinkers popular) • rotating lights on vehicles in preference etc.


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